Behind The Matches

Meet our Match Makers

Matches are unique in that the design and arrangement of each stage consists of many walls, barriers and props, along with target stands and steel targets, as well as moving target activators. Even with our excellent range facilities and elaborate in-place prop systems, each match requires a tremendous amount of labor.
Our dedicated cadre of volunteer matchmakers properly deserve the credit for making our matches so successful - month in and month out. At the next match, please take the time to thank these folks for their tireless work behind the scenes.
These Guys Keep the Matches Going!
If you would like to join us and learn how great matches are built, please contact Match Director Gary Welborn.

Match Directors


Gary Welborn
USPSA, Muilt-Gun Match Director, & Stage Designer

Don Slusher
SCSA Match Director

Bob Sanders
SCSA Match Director


Gerald Higdon
ARA Match Director

Tim Meserve
Bullseye Pistol Match Director

Trevor Scott
4-H Sports Match Director


Match Setup Crew


Keith Duncan

Lewis Hamblen

Bob Hartweck

Richard Hibbs
Stats Officer


Jim Horne

Don Kelley

Donnie Lanchaster

Dave Moredock


Jeremiah Schartung


Thanks to those who are not listed here but provide their time and support.