ORPCI Range Rules

Member Responsibilities:

  • DO NOT share the gate code. A guest is allowed only if you are present. Bring your Membership Card with you in case someone asks to see it.
  • The club does not provide targets and target stands. Members must provide their own.

Acting in an Unsafe Manner:

  • Treat all firearms as if they are loaded at all times. Keep muzzle pointed down range while on the firing line. Make sure firearms are safe before leaving the firing line - bolts open, slides back, magazines out, safety is on.
  • DO NOT go forward of the firing line when others are firing. If two or more are firing, one must act as a range officer to see that firearms are safe before going forward of firing line. Absolutely no firing or handling of firearms while anyone is down range.
  • Ricochets are a potential problem. Rounds must impact the berms, not the ground in front of the berms. Be sure your rounds are contained by the backstop. An unknown zeroed firearm should be fired at 50 yards on the left side of the range (positions 1-18) before firing at 100 yards.
  • DO NOT fire Full-Auto on the 100-yard range.
  • Cans, and other frangible targets (no glass bottles) must be placed at base of the back- stop to avoid potential ricochets. Clean up your mess.
  • DO NOT use the steel pistol frames for rifle shooting. Also, DO NOT stick the steel pistol frames in the ground, they are made to use on the steel pipe bases ONLY.
  • Firearms carried on range property must be displayed as unloaded unless cased or holstered.

Vandalizing Club Property:

  • DO NOT shoot at, though, or near walls, barrels, target stands, or other range props.
  • DO NOT move walls, barrels, or other range props.
  • NEVER shoot IPSC steel targets with rifle calibers.
  • NEVER shoot at range structures (signs, frames, pipes, walls, barrels, etc..).

Littering Club Property:

  • Police the area when you leave. Do not leave targets or other trash behind. Try to leave the range cleaner than when you arrived!


  • If anyone is seen engaging in any rule violations, ask them to stop and/or report them to a director.
  • Any rule violation is grounds for termination of membership.